The difference of 25

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The difference of 25: Gallery of Dragons

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
This means: Congratulations and wishing you prosperity!
I hope the year of the dragon brings us all the best.
I am proud to present the Gallery of Dragons. Not only will you see many differences between the individual artworks of the dragons; also in the ages of the artists there is a lot of variation. The youngest is Jule, she is 13 years old. Our senior artist is 77 years old. Thank you all for joining!


  1. Nice, love the oyster dragon, is that a real scull?

    Wish you all a very good Water Dragon Year!

  2. Happy new year. Wat heerlijk om dat eind januari toch nog eens te kunnen zeggen. Dat het voor ons alleen een mooi, gezond, voorspoedig en verrassend jaar mag worden!

  3. The dragons look great!. I´m in for the next assignment. Had to skip this one!
    Happy new year!

  4. Hi Wilma,
    The OisterDragon is actually based on a piece of an Oyster bed which we found washed up on the coast of the Isle of Terschelling (the ‘Oister’ is a play on words – we live in the town of Oisterwijk…). When we found it lying on the ground it looked just like the skull of some sort of Griffin creature. Later when we got home and cleaned it up a bit we saw the eyes and the hooked beak too.
    Many of our creations are based upon and inspired by nature. The Angel of the Forest which we put up on the site last month was also a ‘find’in the woods, very little was added to make her into a real angel! Having looked at your website it looks like you find inspiration readily accessible in nature too.

  5. What a sight! great version of the Dragon , sorry i didn't join this time but will share, I love your Sweet dragon caroline :)
    may we all have a wonderful creative year , yael