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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Theme of September: Shopping street

This month is a very exiting for me. For the first time the designs I made for my webshop 'Roses are red' are going to be sold in a temporary shop in Almere. The shop will be open in the centre of the city for ten days. Maybe you understand why the only thing I can think about these days are shops!
So I thought about the fun it would be to build our own shopping street on the blog! This month we all have the opportunity to build the shop we always wanted to own! 
Even if you want to run a bakery but cannot bake at all, that will be no problem.
Please send an email or leave a comment on the blog to tell us which shoplocation you want to hire (nr. 1 to 20). Maybe you want to inform us about the kind of shop it is going to be or you prefer to keep it a secret untill it opens. You decide. I hope you join!


  1. How fun! :D

    Good idea..

    I want to hire number 4 if that's ok? :)

    Can't wait to start drawing!

  2. wow, you are the first one to hire a shoplocation...I wanna be the second one Sam!

  3. Well then dear Rose, can I hire nr. 1 please?

  4. Anne-lize wants to hire shop nr. 3
    In this case shops 1,2,3 and 4 are rented.

  5. hi Roos,

    Mag ik nummer 16?

  6. Ha Roos,
    Jule en ik willen graag nr. 6 en 7!