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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Interview Gerda Simmer-Elzenaar

During coming months we will have more information about the participants. Some of them are joining the blog from the beginning! Time to read more about their dreams, favorite artworks and hobby's.
Today Gerda will tell you more about herself, by answering some questions.

Hi I’m Gerda Simmer-Elzenaar and I’m joining the blog since the start.

1. When did you join the blog and why? 
Immediately I was enthusiastic about it, because now I can create every month a new artwork. Otherwise I don’t take the time (or I think I don’t have the time) to create something new!

2. What is your favorite material? Or way to work?
My favourite material are black pencils and acryl painting. I’m a freelance designer,illustrator, inspired by things from everyday life: flowers, nature, picture, child's drawing, magazines and shopping. Loving fresh, bright colors! My website: 

3. What other hobbies do you have?
Hobbies: having a lot DIY stuff like making stamps. Love to paint, reading a book 
or a magazine. Trying to raise my 2 almost 3 lovely children. Having dinner with friends & family!

4. What inspires you?
My work is characterized by fresh, bright colors and lots of my inspiration comes from nature, especially flowers.

Gerda wrote this a few days ago and I am very glad to tell you the wonderful news that today Gerda gave birth to a beautiful babygirl! 
Both Gerda and Leah are doing fine. Congratulations from all of us of The Difference of 25.

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