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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Theme of april: Clouds

Welcome to The difference of 25! This is a drawing blog. Every month you will find a new theme on the blog. You can draw, paint sculpture, make pictures, whatever you like as long as it is related to the theme. Everybody can join and send in artwork.
This month I asked Susan Hol as guestblogger. She choose the theme of this month: Clouds!

Susan: April is the month of savage clouds, at least, when the wind becomes stormy. Thick fat white, but also dark and nearly black clouds fly over our heads. But in April you can also see those sheep clouds, or wafer-thin clouds, in short: clouds in all kinds of shapes. Maybe most beautiful are those clouds with silver lining, when the sun shines bright behind a big white fluffy cloud. I love those April clouds! Here’s one thick fat one above a cornfield, a photo I took in Chaugey, where I live. And a nicely shaped cloud above the chimney of the house of our French neighbours. (These two photo’s you can also find in my e-book Tijd voor...)
Thank you very much Susan for this nice theme! I really look forward to see all the new artwork and this time I will be glad to see a lot of clouds! You can send in your artwork until the 23th of April. Wishing you a lot of inspiration!

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