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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The difference of 25: Cakes

Enjoy watching the work of our bakers in the galery of cakes. It is a pity we cannot eat these delicious cakes. But Gerda shared her recipe with us, so you can try and make her cake yourself. Scroll down to see all the artwork seperately or visit 
Now we are all set for the wedding! 
I hope Mon en Peter will have a fantastic weddingday tomorrow! 
Love to see you on the first of June to join us with a new theme. 

Cakes: Gerda Simmer-Elzenaar, Eindhoven, NL

Recept van Gerda: Schuim ijstaart, makkelijk en snel klaar! 

Ingrediƫnten voor 8/10 personen

500 ml. slagroom
2 zakjes KlopKlop
3 zakken/pakken schuimpjes (mocca of schuimbatons met chocolade onderkant)
1 zakje nougatinekruimels



bakpapier om de bodem van de vorm mee te bekleden


Knip een cirkel van het bakpapier groter dan de doorsnede van je springvorm.
Maak de springvorm dicht en knip als het veel te groot is het teveel eromheen weg.
Beboter de bakvorm een beetje en bestrooi het met poedersuiker, dit om vastplakken te voorkomen.
Klop de slagroom met de klopklop.
Vul de bodem van de springvorm met hele schuimpjes.
Maak de rest van de schuimpjes fijn.
Doe deze door het slagroommengsel.
Schenk het mengsel over de schuimbodem.
Strooi daar de nougatinekruimels overheen.
Zet de taart in de diepvries. (minimaal 5 uurtjes)
Dek de taart af met aluminiumfolie met een elastiekje eromheen.


Je hebt nu altijd gebak als je onverwachts bezoek krijgt. Je snijdt er een stuk vanaf dat je nodig hebt, de rest zet je snel weer terug in de vriezer.

MIJN voorkeur gaat uit naar de chocolade schuimkoekjes voor dit recept.

Cakes: Petra Coumans, Utrecht, NL

Cakes: mariette jongen, Utrecht NL

Cakes: Jule Geleijns, Utrecht, NL

Cakes: Caroline, Breda, NL

Cakes: Anne-Mieke, Oisterwijk, NL

Cakes: Samantha van Voorst, NL

Cakes: Sultana, Zoetermeer, NL

Cakes: Miss Fruitful, NL

Cakes: Astrid, Hooglanderveen, NL

Cakes: Anne-lize, Amsterdam, NL

Cakes: Roos, Utrecht, NL

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gallery of Cakes: presentation 30th of May

Since the wedding will be on the 31th of May I thought it would be a nice idea to present our gallery on the day before the wedding.
So, if you still want to problem! You can send in artwork untill the 29th of May.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Did you already find time to make a cake?

I hope you are not planning to break the record for the longest apple pie.
The longest apple pie is more then 300 meters long. If you want to make this you need 20.000 apples, 1000 kilo flour, 350 boxes with eggs, 800 kilo butter and sugar!
It was made in Buenos Aires.
Astrid already send in her cake! I hope a lot of people will join this project.
You can send in your artwork untill the 23th of May. Happy baking! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theme of May: Cakes

At the end of this month my sister in law will be married! It is going to be a special event because she and her two children will join a family of four and they will live together as one big, happy family.
I thought it would be a nice idea to start baking some cakes for the wedding.
You can make a wedding cake, but if you prefer chocolate cake, carrot cake, strawberry cake, or cupcakes, they are very welcome too...
To get you in the mood I googled some weddingcakes. 
But feel free to use your creativity and imagination, since all sorts of cakes are welcome.
I hope we will be able to show a nice selection of sweets at the end of this month. You might even post your favorite cake recepy beneath your big size cake. 
Please file your artwork this way: your name_cakes (in my case: roos_cakes). Be sure to send it before the 21th of May. I hope you will all enjoy your bakings!