The difference of 25

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-1th of the month: new theme on the blog.
-before 21th of the month: mail your artwork to
-25th of the month: collage of all the artwork on the blog

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The difference of 25: Underwaterworld

Welcome to the underwaterworld.
It appears to be a colourful world deep down below. There is love and harmony but please take care because you could be hunted for and end up as a delicious meal.

Thank you all again for sending in your sea creatures: we gathered a bunch of great friends. Scroll down to see all artwork seperately. Or visit: guess what...?
November 1 we are celebrating the first anniversary of The Difference of 25!

Underwaterworld: Renate Daniels, Utrecht

Underwaterworld: Gerda Simmer-Elzenaar, Eindhoven, NL

Underwaterworld: Caroline, Breda, NL

Underwaterworld: Perre, 6 years, Utrecht, NL

Underwaterworld: Cosse, 7 years, Utrecht, NL

Underwaterworld: Astrid, Hooglanderveen, NL

Underwaterworld: Anne-lize, Amsterdam, NL

Underwaterworld: Miss Fruitful, NL

Underwaterworld: Roos, Utrecht, NL

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Theme of October: Underwaterworld

World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October the 4th! 
For 24 hours we have a chance to pamper our pets with extra snacks and attention. On this day we also respect the animal life outside our houses in all its shapes and sizes, from mice to elephants! This special day was established in 1931 by ecologists in Florence in Italy and has now spread around the world. 

Because of this event the theme of October will be animals. 
We've already made a dogshow and birds high in the sky, so I thought it would be nice to go under water this time. What creatures are living in the sea? 
Just use your imagination, you can make existing animals or fantasy creatues.
Please make your sea creature on a white background. This way it will be easier for me to join all animals in the sea collage. If you like you can add plants, bubbles or shells.
Hope to see you underwater this time!