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-1th of the month: new theme on the blog.
-before 21th of the month: mail your artwork to
-25th of the month: collage of all the artwork on the blog

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Theme 15: Springflowers

Sorry to have kept you waiting for the spring flowers, but here they are!
After tons of snow the flowers finally are showing up.
Thank you all for joining. You can vote for your favorite flowers now: number 1, 2 and 3!
Send an e-mail to and write down your name and the 3 flowers you like most. I will leave a comment each day to give you an update of the ranking. The contest closes on Saterday the second of March on 23.59 hours.  

The flower that receives most votes will be the winner of the contest and will be shown on Sunday, the 3th of March on the blog. The new theme will be on the blog one day later.

What are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite flowers! You are not allowed to vote for your own flower but of course you can ask friends and family to do it for you!  You can only vote once. Enjoy watching and voting!

Springflowers 1: ilse aarsman, Elst, NL

Springflowers 2: Miss Fruitful, NL

Springflowers 3: Ayla, Hooglanderveen, NL

Springflowers 4: Sultana, Zoetermeer, NL

Springflowers 5: Naomi Simmer, Eindhoven, NL

Springflowers 6: Anne-lize, Amsterdam, NL

Springflowers 7: Gerda Simmer-Elzenaar, Eindhoven, NL

Springflowers 8: Roos, Utrecht, NL

Springflowers 9: Hanneke, Aalst, NL

Springflowers 10: Renate Daniels, Utrecht, NL

Friday, February 1, 2013

Theme of February: Springflowers

Can't wait for Springtime to come, like me?
Let's give mother Nature a hand and make a fantastic flowerbulb explosion.
The flowerbulbs are the first flowers that will arrive after the wintertime. As a bulb they look a bit odd, but when they start growing they turn out to be beautiful flowers. The Keukenhof, the famous Dutch flowershow, opens at 21th of March. But our flower exhibition will already open the 25th of February !

YES!!! Can't wait! Send in your most beautiful flower artwork before the 21th of February. Tulips, narcissus or hyacinths are all welcome to the show. But of course you can also create a new kind of flowerbulb.
We will have three days of voting for a first price winner! On the 28th of February we will show a field full of the pricewinning flower! Will it be yours???