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Creative blog. You can participate for free and without registration. Timetable:
-1th of the month: new theme on the blog.
-before 21th of the month: mail your artwork to
-25th of the month: collage of all the artwork on the blog

Saturday, November 5, 2011

GREAT NEWS! The first artwork is send by Samantha Voorst from Holland

Extra info:
When you mail your artwork please add:
-Your name (or the name you want to use on the blog)
-City and country you live in
-Extra's: whatever you want to share on the blog: hobby, work , age, pets, favorite colour etc.
Please file your artwork in this way: your name_theme1 (in my case: roos_theme1)
There was some confusion about the frames. It is not possible to download the frames from the blog or copy them. You have to add one yourself. You can also draw one.
See you!

1 comment:

  1. Goodmorning!

    Now that's nice! Thank you! pleasure to be the first :)

    Can't wait for more people to send in their work and to see what they came up with!

    Greets! Sam