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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scary dragon?

You can still send in your artwork until 21th of January. I hope you will all join the gallery of dragons. In the mean time in China a new stamp is launched with...a dragon on it! The Chinese stamp is especially made for the year of the dragon. Unfortunately it causes a lot of commotion. People in China think the dragon should be an adorable mascot but they say this design is frightful and sends out a wrong message. This dragon seems to have the intention to frighten people.
The designer Chen Shaohua defends his work, saying: "Dragons drive out evil spirits and keep off disasters. We need a tough image to express these qualities." For more info:
I hope we will have a nice mix of fierce, scary, funny, lovable dragons in the gallery!


  1. Keep forgetting! Will send it in now :)

  2. Hi Sam, Congratulations! Again you are the first one who send in, followed closely by Dort! (19 minutes later)

  3. Today the third dragon arrived, made by Petra, and he looks cute! Pherhaps China can ask Petra to make the stamp next year.

  4. This is a great theme Roos but i'm afraid i never drew a dragon
    I'll try my best :)