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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How can birds sit on electrical wires without being electrocuted?

Small birds can sit safely and relaxed on an electrical wire. Even a large bird can take a rest on a wire without being electrocuted.
But the danger starts when it spreads its wings. If the wing touches something like another cable or some point connected to earth, electricity would flow through its body. And the bird will be electrocuted instantly.
When a bird lands on a transmission cable it acquires the same voltage as the cable. So there is no potential difference. High voltage itself is of little consequence because there is no flow of electricity from one point to another.
It is the difference in voltage that matters in the flow of electricity. For this reason electricity companies maintain adequate spacing between two cables. Even so, large birds of prey do sometimes fall prey to electrocution.
I will make sure to put enough space between the cables. Our birds will sit safely!


  1. Never knew this! ... now I do!

    And good.. take good care of my birdies!

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