The difference of 25

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come and watch the flat grow: Final Edition

Welcome to our fully rented flat! Thanks for renting and decorating the apartments.
It has become an amazing building with many different people and animals living in it. There is a lot of joy and happiness, but also strange things are happening in the building...
Enjoy watching the work of 25 enthousiastic people. Scroll down to see all the artwork seperately or visit
Hope to see you on the first of May to join us with a new theme.


  1. Wonderful to see all the neighbours,!!!!!!!!! what a fun Thank you roos for all your hard work

  2. It is great fun living in our beautiful building together and you are all invited to flat nr 5 where I throw a housewarming party for ya all people! Let's party till we can't dance no more....and we'll have a little bbq to!

  3. Sounds like fun! :D

    Everything looks good!

  4. What a wonderful flat we live in!
    Thanks Roos, it is beautiful and it was a great theme!!