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Thursday, November 7, 2013

What is special this month?

Last post I told you there would be something special this month, and now is the time to reveal it! The circus theme will be a contest. This time you can win more than just fame, because the top-5 artworks with the most votes will be manufactured as postcards. Your name and country will be stated on your postcard. The postcards will be sold as a set of 5 in my webshop and for each set sold, 2,50 euro will be donated to charity. 
Because the theme is ‘the circus’ the donation will go to the CliniClowns foundation in The Netherlands. The CliniClowns foundation helps sick and disabled children to forget the treatment, the pain and the limitations they experience. Not only because these kids deserve it, but they also have benefit from it. Distraction and fun help the kids relax and relief stress. This is the strenght of a smile. For more information you can visit their website:

Some details:
Please note this is a non-commercial project. The Difference of 25 blog is about creating nice things together. This time I would like to do something special for other people as well, give a donation to the CliniClowns.
If you do NOT want your work displayed on a postcard, please let me know when you send in your artwork. Of course I hope you all support this project.

-You can send in your artwork untill the 22th of november
-The 24th of november the gallery and all the seperate artworks  will be on the  blog
-You can vote for 3 days: 24th, 25th and the 26th november
-You can only vote once!
-On the 28th of november the 5 winners will be announced on the  blog
-Each winner (the top 5) will receive 5 postcards of their own  artwork
-In the second half of December the postcards will be sold for 4  months on the webshop. I hope you all buy a set!

Please keep in mind when you create your artwork that the size of your design will be reduced to the size of a postcard. Avoid small details.
If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask:

I hope you like the contest and the idea of helping the CliniClowns. Good luck!

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