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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Interview Wilma van Boxtel

During coming months we will have more information about the participants. Some of them are joining the blog from the beginning! Time to read more about their dreams, favorite artworks and hobby's.
Today Wilma will tell you more about herself, by answering some questions.

1. When did you join the blog and why? 
From the start, I am a blogger myself and liked the idea Roos started this creative blog with people from all disciplines.

2. What is your favorite material? Or way to work?
Due to lack of time I rarely get my drawing equipment out of the cupboard but it’s on my bucket list to go back to drawing with pencils and paint. I love life drawing! But for now I like to work with photos and digital media like Photoshop and CAD.

3. What other hobbies do you have?
I love the outdoors, nature, being surrounded by plants, animals, the sun, the moon and the stars. Everything I do when outdoors is my hobby, from an intensive hike to reading a book in the hammock under the mulberry tree. From a five day kayak trip on the ocean to gardening and producing my own food and from walking the dog twice a day to the cuddle sessions with my cats.

4. What inspires you?
Everything and everyone inspires me, the world is so beautiful, especially when you open your eyes to see it!  

Extra note from the Difference of 25:
Wilma and I met at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Now she lives in Australia!
It is great to have contact this way.

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