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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Theme of June; If I were an animal...

Hi to all of you. Time seems like flying these months. Today is already the first of June, and time for the new theme!
This month theme is: If I were an animal I would look like this!
I love animals, unfortunately we don't have any pets anymore...

We had a hamster , goldfish and several guinae pigs. Now and then I look after the dog of friends.
Regretabble a lot of us are allergic to animals, so new pets better be avoided.
I think this is also the reason I am making a lot of care free pets at the moment.

Fish you don't have to feed, cats without hairs, dogs you don't have to walk and birds you don't have to clean!
When I was in high school I had a friend who knew for sure she was an animal before this human life.
And this is what this month theme is all about. Of course if you don't believe in this stuff you can also pick an animal you really like or an animal that fascinates you.
You can send in your artwork untill the 23th of June.
Hope to see your animal alter ego on the blog. Have fun!

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