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-1th of the month: new theme on the blog.
-before 21th of the month: mail your artwork to
-25th of the month: collage of all the artwork on the blog

Monday, December 8, 2014

Theme of December: Candles

Hey there! Wow, what happened to The blog of the Difference of 25?
I'm sorry but lately I have been very busy. But I'm still here and guess what? I have a new theme for the end of 2014! Of course the theme is inspired by Christmas. The new theme is....candles!
Candles are lightening the dark days before Christmas and they make our homes nice and cosy. My mother always lights a candle in times we need good luck! And candles are romantic...!
You can send your artwork until the 23th of December. I hope you join and send in your candle(s).

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